Jewelry Repair, Restoration & Services

Jewelry Repair

Richter’s offers jewelry repair services for all types of fine jewelry, all completed on the premises. Our master goldsmith Paul Richter utilizes the latest in tool technologies along with decades of experience to repair your worn or broken jewelry. With strict attention to detail and multiple inspections, your jewelry will be restored to like new condition. Richter’s has a very large inventory of clasps, heads and various parts in gold and platinum. We also stock a very large inventory of loose diamonds and colored gemstones for stone replacement.

Jewelry repairs are completed in 7 to 10 business days and our work guaranteed for 6 months from completion date. Watch repairs are guaranteed for 90 days from completion date. We do not warranty watches against water damage.

Jewelry Restoration

Richter’s also offers complete jewelry restoration. Unlike a repair, a restoration is much more extensive and can include shank replacement, prong replacement, stone re-cutting, detail and engraving restoration and undercarriage replacement. Restoration incorporates the same techniques that were used when the item was originally created, keeping the original item intact and reviving it to a like-new condition. However, each restoration is unique and Richter’s cannot guarantee that all jewelry items can in fact be restored. Each article of jewelry must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine whether restoration is possible and just how much it will cost.


Richter’s offers appraisal for articles of fine jewelry. Unlike a diamond certificate, an appraisal is a statement of both quality and value and is, in most cases, required to obtain an insurance policy. The value of jewelry changes with market conditions, so an appraisal can become out of date and need to be updated every four years or as the market requires. At Richter’s, we are committed to the ethical evaluation of jewelry that reflects the actual current market prices with truthful and accurate descriptions. For items that have been purchased at Richter’s, an appraisal is provided at no cost. Our standard appraisal fee for items purchased elsewhere is $85 for the first item and $45 for each additional item. For appraisals with more than 6 items, there is a $10 per item price reduction.

Gemstone Location

At Richter’s, we have a passion for colored gemstones. Richter’s has one of the largest loose natural gemstone collections in all of New England. We firmly believe that gemstones should come from Mother Nature and not a test tube. The gems we carry are, without compromise, the very finest and most rare available in the world today. From the far reaches of the globe, Richter’s acquires only natural gemstones of exceptional quality.

Are you looking for a very unusual or rare gemstone? Colored gems are our specialty at Richter’s. As passionate purveyors of rare and unusual gemstones, along with one of the largest loose colored gemstone collections in New England, Richter’s has vast resources and longstanding business relations which place us in the unique position of being able to locate the highest quality and rarest of colored gemstones.

Gemstone Re-cutting and Repair

Occasionally a diamond or gemstone can be chipped or even broken. Richter’s can, in most cases, repair chipped diamonds and all other colored gemstones with minimal loss. Each stone must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for the best approach as to repair the damaged stone. In some extreme cases, a different shape may be recommended. After reviewing the damage, we will estimate for you the projected weight loss and final measurements of the stone after having been re-cut.