Our Custom Design Process

At Richter’s, we believe that every piece of custom jewelry tells a story, carries emotion, and expresses your personal style & individuality. We don’t just make jewelry; we craft stories in diamonds, metal and gemstones that convey your life’s experiences, loves, milestones and memories. Capture your life’s moments and experience the joy of wearing a piece of art that’s uniquely yours. Let’s start your story together.

Before Your Design Consultation
Start to envision your design. Think about how you want to tell you story? Creating a custom piece of jewelry is a deeply personal process that allows you to weave the physical elements of design with emotional significance. Every design element – from the type of metal to the color a gemstone or the shape of a diamond, is an opportunity to reflect your personal story or style.
During Your Design Consultation
Your narrative and its symbolic significance start to take shape. Physical details and style of the design are determined and the emotional reasons that represent your design find their form in the layout of diamonds, colored gemstones, and precious metals.
After Your Design Consultation
The canvas of your custom jewelry comes to life with the creation of hand drawn, colorized artwork. Different versions of your design concept will be presented to you, with the opportunity to make minor changes to the design. Once you finalize and approve your design, your custom piece of jewelry will go into production through the time-honored techniques of wax and cast or hand fabrication.

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Let the natural beauty of a colored gemstone inspire your design project

Custom Design Checklist
Our custom jewelry design checklist will get you started on brainstorming about your project, narrowing down your style and knowing what to expect during the custom design process. Remember, we’re here to help! If you have any questions before your consultation, feel free to reach out to us via phone or email.

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The Design Process Starts with YOU...
Your desire. Your vision.

Your dream piece of jewelry.

We add pen & paper, and, through the art of colorized rendering, your design begins to become a reality.

Precious metals, colored gemstones & diamonds are masterfully crafted together by our in-house goldsmiths.
Your ideas are transformed into a work of art.

A work of art you can wear.

A work of art you can enjoy & admire.

A work of art you will love.

A work of art that's all yours.

Whether you want to start from scratch or are looking to makeover an existing piece
of jewelry, the design process at Richter's is fun & exciting.

And, it's all about you.
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