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Paul Richter is the studio’s lead designer and master goldsmith. Paul’s creativity is the driving force behind the studio, as he not only designs and hand fabricates much of the jewelry in Richter’s showcases, but also creates the custom designs for Richter’s clients. He is an award-winning designer whose artistic aesthetic lies within the imaginative and inventive interaction that exists between metal and gemstones, while still bringing out the beauty in both.

Paul also handpicks Richter’s entire diamond and gemstone inventory, ensuring that each of these natural wonders is held to the highest standards, regardless of whether it is part of a work of art, an heirloom restoration or a repair.

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Amy is the studio’s sales and marketing manager. She brings to Richter’s a big belief in small business, a constant commitment to customer service and the understanding that our clientele want something all their own when shopping for jewelry – regardless of whether it is an expression of love or a statement of style.

As the studio’s lead buyer, Amy searches for just the right mix of designers, not only to complement Paul’s talent, but also to exemplify what jewelry really should be. Unique & fabulous. Loved & enjoyed. Cherished & timeless. And, all yours. Amy completed her gemologist certification through the Gemological Institute of America.

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Kayla is the studios sales and marketing assistant. From helping Amy run the studios showroom to helping you find something brilliant, Kayla’s background in business & luxury fashion is a perfect fit at Richter’s. Her attention to detail and enjoyment of jewelry provide you with just the right amount of practicality and pizzazz when searching for the perfect piece of jewelry. Kayla’s mantra? Go with fabulous and you won’t be disappointed! Kayla is currently pursuing her gemologist certification through the Gemological Institute of America.

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Kaleigh is one of the studio’s goldsmiths. As a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design & North Bennet Street School, she has a strong passion for great design & creative solutions. She holds the technical expertise not only to take care of jewelry repairs at the studio, but also to design and fabricate a stunning piece of jewelry. As a jewelry designer, Kaleigh is eager to make sure that every client gets a piece of jewelry that they love & that is as unique as they are. Her enthusiasm, attention to detail & true creative talent make her an integral part of the staff at Richter’s.

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Carrie joined Richter’s after already being in the jewelry industry for several years. Her love for the industry grew from the fact that jewelry represents much of what she holds dear – capturing memorable moments, celebrating special occasions and embracing the beauty in life – whether it be on a daily basis or during one of life’s major milestones. Carrie’s experience in fine jewelry and custom design gives her the ability to assist Richter’s clients with anything from finding the just the right engagement ring to picking out the perfect present for someone special.

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Jennifer is a senior gemologist & certified pearl specialist with over 20 years of jewelry sales & appraisal experience. She has extensive knowledge of gemstone treatments and is skilled in the identification of rare and unusual gemstones.

Jenn has a special passion for colored gemstones and antique jewelry. Her love of jewelry history & design make her the perfect person to help you shop for something out of the ordinary. Whether you’re dreaming of a design from days gone by or hoping for something more modern & new, stop in to see Jenn – she’ll help you find a piece of jewelry that will exceed your expectations.

Jenn received her graduate gemologist certification through the Gemological Institute of America and is currently a member of the American Society of Jewelry Historians.

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Feli Hermsdorf

Feli, our in-house fashionista, has worked in the jewelry industry for over two decades. She brings to Richter’s an extensive knowledge of colored gemstones and a meticulous eye for jewelry fashion. Whether you are looking to accessorize your wardrobe for everyday wear or searching for a piece of jewelry to spotlight that special event, stop by to see Feli. Don’t forget to bring your outfit. . . Feli will help you find your perfect piece of jewelry.

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We cannot imagine the studio without Carole! She is Richter’s one true constant and has been with us from the beginning. Carole’s continuing support of the studio and her genuine love for Richter’s clientele have made her an invaluable addition to the business. From her sincere smile to her exuberant enthusiasm for all things jewelry, we couldn’t imagine the studio without her style, her grace and her infectious positive attitude. Carole’s vast knowledge of jewelry and gemstones provides a fun and informative experience for all of our clientele. Her devotion to helping others and her good humor make everyone’s day brighter. Stop by to see Carole. You’ll love her as much as we do.


If you’ve stopped by the studio, you know there is often a dog close by. Ritzy & Riesla, the Richter’s two bull mastiffs, are the studio’s canine mascots. Born on February 14th– the official day of love and jewelry-the girls are the perfect addition to the Richter family. Although Ritzy & Riesla are usually found lounging in Amy’s office, they are always willing to greet Richter’s clients with a wagging tail and a sloppy kiss. They are even happy to help you shop.